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    Sex & Meth

    Does it make you feel sexual?

    With some people crystal meth increases their sex drive and many people use meth for that reason. There are also people that experience problems sexually when they use crystal meth though, orgasms can be delayed and this can be painful for the man. Each person is different, some men and women become more sexual when using crystal meth and others experience just the opposite.

    Meth causes a strong surge of chemicals in the brain to be released and for some people this does boost their sex drive. Unfortunately the chemicals can impair your judgment and many people using meth are at risk of sexually transmitted diseases because of risky sexual behavior and poor judgment.

    Followup Question:
    My boyfriend uses meth and I was wondering if that has anything to do with my sexual organs when he releases inside of me, does it damage my body?

    No, his sperm shouldn't have enough meth in it which could damage your organs but, a person can become irritated because of sensitivity to their meth partners body fluids which includes sweat or sperm. This can cause the person's skin to become irritated or a rash could develop.

1 Response to Sex & Meth

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    March 17th, 2012

    For me, it kills my sex drive- completely. It's weird, others get super horny. Wish it did that for me, but probably a good thing or I would have turned into a hardcore tweeker. It also made me super anxious, nervous, impotent, and I would not be able to stop clenching my teeth. I don't know why, but at the first stage of the high, I would feel pretty happy and talkative, and after that part wore off, the nervousness and anxiety would kick in, especially if there wasn't anything to do. I would find myself totally absorbed in something for hours like a puzzle, or rearranging my apartment. The worst part for me was coming off of it and then feeling like I had to do more in order to function and get stuff done. Wicked cycle. After a while of doing that, the wired feeling stopped happening, and all it would do was make me feel like I wasn't super tired. That drug is absolutely evil, don't mess with it. Women on meth are the worst! It makes them lie, act crazy and flip out over nonsense, get all paranoid and think things are happening to them that aren't, lie about everything, even things that don't even matter, and the worst is probably the cheating and sleeping around. I probably would have been like that too if it made me horny, but it never did. I think the sex drive thing on meth has a lot to do with a person's mental state- what's going on in their heads when they take it. I had been in a situation that was making me feel very bad about myself and there were also anxiety issues going on. I think all the meth did was amplify what was already there, instead of altering my state of mind- like pot does.

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