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    Methamphetamine Abuse by State

    Methamphetamines are abused throughout the United States by people of all ages. Meth is not only a powerful central nervous system (CNS) stimulant but is heavily abused, addictive, and inexpensive. The abuse of methamphetamines varies from state to state. Below is a summary of the meth situation within the last couple of years by state.


    Law enforcement say meth is the number 1 drug threat in Alabama. Because of pseudoephedrine restrictions production of meth in Alabama has decreased. Drug trafficking has increased from Mexican drug traffickers though.


    Alaska is dealing with 2 kinds of methamphetamine problems, meth that's imported into their state and methamphetamines that are produced locally in illegal meth labs (clandestine). There has been a decrease in local meth lab incidents throughout Alaska. The reason for the decrease is due to chemicals needed for meth production being harder to obtain. None the less, meth is still easily found and it's commonly sent through the parcel service. Drug traffickers get most of the methamphetamine that is sold in Alaska from their sources in the lower 48 states.


    Meth is available in Arizona through local manufacturing and Mexican production. The meth that comes from Mexico is found in Arizona most frequently. Mexican meth is usually smuggled across the Southwest Border and then comes through Arizona.


    In Arkansas meth is the most dominant drug of abuse. Methamphetamine found in Arkansas is either locally produced in illegal labs or comes from Mexico. Between Arkansas rural landscape and chemicals needed for production being obtained easily, meth is very available in the state. The reason chemicals like pseudoephedrine are easily obtained is due to criminal group activity. These groups are getting cases of pseudoephedrine by the thousands from wholesalers and then come up with shifty ways to illegally ship them. There is a huge profit made when selling pseudoephedrine to those who illegally manufacture meth.


    In California the major drug of concern is methamphetamine. High quality meth in California comes from Mexican DTOs. These are Mexican organizations and they are responsible for most of the meth found in California. The second source of meth that's found in California is made up of mostly Caucasians; they operate much smaller scale and much less sophisticated labs. Almost all of the meth users in California are Caucasians and Hispanics. Pseudoephedrine and ephedrine use to come from Canada but due to law enforcement operations that has diminished; now it appears to be coming from China.


    Mexico is responsible for most of the meth that's found in Colorado. Smaller scale illegal labs found in Colorado use to produce meth that was higher in potency compared to Mexican produced meth, but not anymore. In the past few years Mexico has increased the potency of their methamphetamine and now is on the same level as small scale clandestine produced meth. Colorado still has their fair share of illegal small meth labs but there isn't as many anymore. This is possibly due to Mexico's huge supply that's so readily available in Colorado. Even though there aren't near as many small clandestine meth labs in Colorado the ones that are there still threaten the safety of the public and their environment.


    There hasn't been an increase in labs seized in Connecticut and the ones that have been in the Northeast are much lower in capacity. These labs only produce 2 ounces or less of meth during a cycle of production. The smaller capacity meth labs are primarily found inside private homes and residences.


    In Delaware you can usually only find methamphetamine in limited quantities. Local traffickers who manufacture meth themselves supply most of the meth found in Delaware. Bigger trafficking organizations in California and Mexico do supply some of the methamphetamine available in Delaware though. The larger traffickers have several ways of getting their meth into Delaware, their methods of transport includes private vehicle, by commercial bus in luggage, and in packages that are shipped by express mail and parcel post.

    Washington D.C. (District of Columbia)

    There isn't much of a market for meth in the Washington D.C. Those who do use methamphetamines are the ones attending raves, the city's gay population and some night-club goers. Most of the meth that is found comes from suppliers in California and is sent overnight or by mail delivery regular service.


    Meth is a pretty big problem in Florida and many people in the counties use this illegal drug. Methamphetamine comes into Florida in large amounts by Mexican DTOs that are established along the Southwest Border and California. Meth also comes into Florida from Texas and California which is manufactured in super labs. Crystal meth is coming from Atlanta which is something new for Florida. What labs are found in Florida are very small, they are capable of only producing 1 to 2 ounces per production.


    Meth continues to be one of biggest threats in Georgia. Most of the sizeable amounts of methamphetamine that has been confiscated in Georgia have been found at stash and distribution site raids or state and local interdiction stops.


    Crystal meth is the drug most people choose to abuse in Hawaii and it's very easy to find. Most of the meth that comes into Hawaii comes from Mexico and California. The abuse and availability of methamphetamine in Hawaii is so high that's it's had a terrible impact on their economy as well as the families that live there. Meth use has also caused much more violence in the streets and property crimes.


    Crystal meth has had a major impact on the society as a whole in Idaho, crystal meth is a drug that's abused by many people and continues to be a major threat. Meth labs are decreasing in Idaho because methamphetamine that's produced in Mexico has taken over. Just recently not only the quantity of meth available but the quality of meth has decreased in Idaho, the cost of meth has gone up though. This is probably due to law enforcement in Mexico cracking down and stopping the chemicals needed for manufacturing meth from being imported.


    Illinois has a couple of problems they face associated with methamphetamine. One of the problems is due to the very large quantities of meth that's brought into their state from Mexican based drug organizations. The other problem is due to small meth labs that continue popping up throughout the state. In central and southern rural areas of Illinois out of all drugs of abuse, meth is the most troublesome.


    Illegal trafficking of meth has drastically increased over the past 10 years. 15 to 25 pounds of methamphetamine is illegally trafficked throughout Indiana at a time and the level of purity is between 25 to 85 percent. The meth that's illegally produced in small clandestine labs can usually be found in barns or set up in someone's house. The purity level of meth coming from these small labs is anywhere from 30 to 80 percent. The methamphetamine that's illegally manufactured in in these labs is usually for their own personal use but they do sell their meth in small quantities.


    Meth is very prevalent in Iowa and it's still a major problem in the state. The methamphetamine gets into Iowa due to Hispanic trafficking, their organizations import large amounts into the state. Because the Mexican (ice) meth is now so low in purity, most people that use meth in Iowa get theirs locally. In Iowa, the small clandestine labs produce a much higher potent level of meth compared to the weaker Mexican produced methamphetamine. Those who run the illegal labs in Iowa are able to get large quantities of pseudoephedrine pills which are a necessary ingredient in methamphetamine production. Their friends and families purchase large amounts of pseudoephedrine from retail stores (smurfing) so they are able to keep their stock-pile going. Anhydrous ammonia is another necessary ingredient in the meth making process; thefts of this toxic chemical have increased.


    The meth that's manufactured and brought into Kansas is from Mexican DTOs, their illegal methamphetamine can be found most anywhere. The meth that's trafficked in is quite inexpensive and usually very potent. Even though Mexico's illegal meth is highly available throughout Kansas there has been an increase in local production of this illegal drug in the state.


    Most of the methamphetamine that comes into the state of Kentucky is brought in by illegal drug traffickers from Mexico. Meth is highly available in the central and southeastern parts of Kentucky. Mexican DTOs which are drug trafficking organizations are the leading suppliers of methamphetamine in the state of Kentucky.


    According to law enforcement in Louisiana, because meth is so cheap, meth's extremely easy to find, and because the euphoric high lasts so much longer, users choose this drug over crack cocaine anymore. Those are the primary reasons methamphetamine continues to be a huge problem in the state of Louisiana.


    Fortunately meth isn't much of a problem in the state of Maine. Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive street drug and for the most part relatively cheap. Maine views meth as a minor drug concern and hopefully it continues to stay that way.


    There doesn't seem to be much of a demand for methamphetamine throughout the state of Maryland. There had been reports that illegal meth labs in western Maryland may have been increasing but this was in 2008. At least at that time (2008) meth wasn't a drug of concern throughout the state of Maryland.


    You can find meth in Massachusetts but only in limited volume. Methamphetamine comes into the state by express mail, the meth packages are sent from California and the southwestern United States. Meth isn't a drug that's abused throughout the whole state of Massachusetts though, that's rare. Meth is quite popular among some young adults anywhere from 18 to 25 years old. Meth is also used by some people in the homosexual community and sometimes by 30 and 40 year olds.


    It became apparent in 2008 that illegal productions of methamphetamines were increasing because authorities seized more labs and meth related equipment. The availability of meth in Michigan is due to small 'one pot' labs which only produce 1 or 2 ounces at a time. People who operate these small labs not only sell it locally but use it themselves. These small labs continue to control the availability of meth in Michigan and they are generally run by Caucasian and Hispanic males.


    Meth is a problem in the state of Minnesota for a couple of reasons. Large amounts of methamphetamine are brought into the state of Minnesota. The meth comes from Mexican organizations that operate from Mexico, Texas, California, Arizona and Washington. The illegal meth is brought in and distributed throughout the state of Minnesota by the illegal drug traffickers. Ten to twenty pounds are usually shipped at a time and they have various ways of transporting meth into the state. According to law enforcement smaller quantities are coming into the state of Minnesota via U.S. mail and federal Express. Meth is also illegally manufactured in small labs that produce a couple ounces at a time.


    Methamphetamine use is more popular now than crack cocaine which at one time was the biggest drug threat in Mississippi. Now meth abuse has taken over and is the primary drug of concern throughout the state. As with many other states, meth is quickly becoming more popular because it's easy to find, cheap, and the euphoria the users are seeking lasts a long time. A big portion of the meth that's easy to get hold of comes from Mexico by way of the Southwest Border states. Meth is also available that's manufactured in Mississippi and is sold in local markets and produced for local users. The methamphetamine that is produced in Mississippi comes from independent Caucasian groups. African American independent groups are starting to become involved with distributing meth and using it also.


    In the western half of the state of Missouri most users abuse crystal ice meth which comes from illegal organizations that are based in Mexico, California and the southwest United States. Crystal ice is brought in via the highway from their highway transport organizations. The purity level of Crystal ice most of the time is very high but lower levels are starting to show up now.


    Meth is the biggest drug problem throughout the state of Montana according to their law enforcement. Most of the methamphetamine coming into the state comes from Mexican DTOs which is then distributed throughout the state of Montana. There are small illegal meth labs that are local but they only produce small amounts at a time. Montana's small clandestine labs do sell meth locally and also produce meth for their own personal use.


    In Omaha crystal meth is an illegal substance that most users prefer over any other methamphetamine. In Omaha crystal meth is referred to as ice and law enforcement in Nebraska consider methamphetamine to be a major problem and concern in the state. Imported meth can be found at all times as well as clandestine labs that produce small amounts of methamphetamine at a time. Meth finds its way into Nebraska via Hispanic organizations; they control most of the availability and transport meth in various vehicles. Most of the meth stays in the Hispanic community but they will sell to those that aren't Hispanic.


    Methamphetamine gets shipped into Nevada and is also used as a transshipment area for this illegal drug. The production of meth in Nevada is quite limited but the meth that gets imported into the state comes from mostly large super labs. These super labs are capable of producing ten or more pounds a day by Mexican drug traffickers from Mexico and California. Crystal meth that's' manufactured from Mexico can be found in Nevada at all times. In 2005 and 2006 Mexican meth was available with purity ranges of 90 to 99 percent. Since then the purity has dropped and in 2008 the levels were between 50 to 99 percent.

    New Hampshire

    Methamphetamine availability stays pretty stable in New Hampshire, it's relatively easy to find throughout the state. The meth that reaches New Hampshire that's produced in Mexico for the most part is brought into the state in various ways. Methamphetamines are received by express mail, by common carrier and by vehicles that are privately owned from individuals in the West Coast of the U.S.

    New Jersey

    In Southern New Jersey meth is the drug of choice and is widely available coming from clandestine labs. These labs are mostly run by Mexicans that have connections to other traffickers in the western United States and in Mexico. Meth has become more available in the southern part of New Jersey because of the increase of Mexican suppliers. Members of the Filipino community use and also distribute crystal meth in New Jersey. Filipino traffickers import vast quantities of meth from Mexico and the Philippines.

    New Mexico

    In Mexico meth is extremely easy to get, methamphetamines are available in multi-kilogram quantities. Most of the meth that's been confiscated comes from Mexico and is received into New Mexico from Los Angeles and Phoenix distributors. They operate as part of a much larger Mexican poly-drug organization. It's very common for meth investigations to take place in certain areas that are known as Four Corner regions. This is where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet to form a common border and along the eastern New Mexico and Texas border.

    New York

    Other drugs of abuse are more prevalent in New York compared to meth. Heroin, cocaine, crack and MDMA pose a much bigger problem than methamphetamines. The methamphetamine market is somewhat split, in New York City the market is for crystal meth. Most of this meth is manufactured by Mexican DTOs in Mexico and California. In upstate New York the meth market is mostly meth powder that comes from clandestine local labs.

    North Carolina

    Domestic meth manufacturing is diminishing but crystal methamphetamine that is Mexican produced is widely available in large metropolitan areas of North Carolina. Availability is also increasing in the rural neighborhoods. In North Carolina a big majority of their methamphetamine comes from Mexico in vast quantities, via the Southwest Border States. That's not the only place North Carolina's meth comes from though. A sizeable amount comes from Atlanta in the metropolitan northern Georgia area from Mexican sources.

    North Dakota

    There are a couple of problems in North Dakota associated with methamphetamine. There are Mexican organizations in California and Washington that produce meth, they transport vast quantities of methamphetamine into North Dakota and distribute it throughout the state. The other problems are the small clandestine labs in North Dakota that produce small amounts of meth at a time. Fortunately The General Assembly of North Dakota has passed a bill that requires photo id's to be shown when anyone purchases pseudoephedrine products. This is making a quick decrease in local meth production and thefts associated with anhydrous ammonia which is also used when cooking meth.


    Sale restrictions that have been put into place for pseudoephedrine has made a difference and has now stabilized meth production in Ohio. Pharmacies in Ohio have a computerized database that tracks all pseudoephedrine sales which is keeping meth production from increasing. There are small meth labs that operate but are only capable of producing 1 or 2 ounces of meth at a time. Individuals that run these illicit small labs produce meth for their own use as well as local distribution. Mexican DTOs are Ohio's main suppliers of methamphetamine, which they traffic into Ohio is large quantities. Crystal meth is also referred to as 'ice', this form of meth can be found easily throughout Ohio and also comes from Mexico.


    In Oklahoma methamphetamine use is much more prevalent than other drugs of abuse. Crystal meth is becoming quite prevalent in Oklahoma and appears to be increasing. Hispanic organizations are responsible for the biggest part of meth that's found in Oklahoma, they transport the methamphetamine into the state by motor vehicle.


    Methamphetamines are the most common abused drug in Oregon and the availability of meth is very high. Powder meth use to be the most popular choice by users but it appears that the much more addictive form of meth which is crystal (ice) is preferred now. Due to the type of methamphetamine that's seized by law enforcement, crystal meth appears to be much more prevalent now.


    The amount of meth that's available in Pennsylvania varies with the bulk of consumption in Philadelphia. Most of the meth in this area is from local drug traffickers who make the meth themselves and also from bigger organizations that have operations in California and Mexico. There are several ways drug trafficking organizations get methamphetamines into Pennsylvania, their methods include private owned vehicles, commercial busses in luggage and in packages that are shipped express mail and parcel service.

    Rhode Island

    Meth is almost never seen in Rhode Island. Crystal methamphetamine is seen in the gay community though. Even though you can find it in the gay community meth isn't a major problem in Rhode Island.

    South Carolina

    Meth is constantly causing problems in South Carolina. Methamphetamines are supplied in South Carolina from Mexico and local production as well as Atlanta. Drug traffickers usually bring meth into South Carolina from Mexico, California, and Atlanta using private vehicles using I-20 and I-95.

    South Dakota

    Methamphetamine is still a drug of choice in South Dakota and the abuse of this drug and demand for it continually rises.


    Meth is very popular in Tennessee and it's extremely easy to find throughout the state. Most of the methamphetamine that's found in Tennessee is produced in Mexico and is transported from the southwest Border States as well as Mexico. Meth labs are very common in Tennessee; most of them are located in the Appalachian areas in Eastern Tennessee. Most of these labs are small scale and less sophisticated. These labs are troublesome for many reasons including the fact that most of the people that run the labs are armed and there's booby-traps surrounding them. Meth is starting to become more popular than crack cocaine anymore in Tennessee. Meth is so addictive, especially crystal meth, this is one of the reasons it's become so highly abused.


    Meth is easily found in north Texas and Mexican produced methamphetamine is in control of the drug market in the Dallas Field Division. Mexican and locally manufactured meth in Houston is increasing. Most of the Mexican manufactured meth comes from Mexico, California, and Arizona. Mexican meth is transported into Texas in passenger and commercial vehicles.


    There has been a huge decrease in the past several years associated with seizures and meth. There are several reasons for the decline in confiscated methamphetamine which includes strict precursor legislation, education and awareness campaigns, and the aggressiveness of their law enforcement. Because local labs in Utah have decreased in numbers, Mexican produced meth is showing an increase in availability throughout Utah.


    Meth isn't a common drug of abuse in Vermont and the availability is extremely limited.


    Federal laws pertaining to regulating precursors is responsible for the decrease in local clandestine labs in Virginia. The lab activity that exists is mostly centered on the far southwestern corner of Virginia bordering West Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky. In the Shenandoah Valley you will find the most the vast majority of methamphetamine users. Mexican DTOs supply the majority of meth that's found in Virginia. In the Shenandoah Valley there are many Mexican immigrants living in that area which has a lot to do with the growth and increase of the of the Mexican drug trafficking networks.


    Meth is a highly abused illegal drug in the State of Washington and has a major effect on the whole community. The form of methamphetamine that is sought after the most is crystal meth which is also referred to as 'ice'. You can find crystal meth everywhere throughout the state of Washington. The meth that's found in Washington mostly comes from Mexican DTOs and is produced in Mexico. Illegal labs have decreased in numbers over the past several years which is probably due to federal laws making it much more difficult to obtain pseudoephedrine. This ingredient is needed in the production of methamphetamine.

    West Virginia

    Due to the restrictions and laws placed on pseudoephedrine products illegal lab activity in West Virginia has decreased. Production of meth use to be mainly in the Panhandle region of West Virginia but now has grown and includes other areas of Northern West Virginia. Some clandestine labs sites in the southeastern portion of the state also manufacture meth.


    Production of methamphetamine is decreasing on a steady basis throughout Wisconsin. Mexican sources from the southwest border still imports methamphetamine into the state of Wisconsin though.


    Out of all drugs of abuse, meth is the biggest problem in Wyoming. Among all the arrests made associated with drugs, methamphetamine arrests are among the highest. Illegal meth labs are showing a sign of decrease now. Meth is a big problem for law enforcement in Wyoming because of the drugs ties to violent crime, domestic violence, and child abuse.

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