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    Meth Facts For Parents

    Unfortunately meth isn't like other drugs that are trafficked into the United States, Cocaine and Heroin for example are illegally manufactured and smuggled into the U.S. from Drug Traffickers in Mexico. Meth is smuggled and trafficked into the United States but it's also produced within our own borders. Meth is now the most dangerous drug we have in the U.S., it can be found everywhere and it's cheap.

    Because meth is so prevalent in the United States and so inexpensive we have to worry about our young people even more. Young 12 and 14 year old children that live in the United States in much smaller towns are 104 percent times more likely to use methamphetamines than young people that live in the larger cities. Most young teens don't have a clue as to how serious and dangerous abusing meth can be. They're not worried about becoming dependent on meth because they don't realize how addictive it is.

    The most important thing we can do for our children and young adults is to educate them as early as possible. People can be running meth labs right next door to you and you would never know it, especially if you don't know what to look for. For additional information about meth labs check out or Meth Lab Dangers Page. Did you know that labs can be set up on a kitchen table, a countertop, or in a bath tub? Meth could be manufactured and sold right next door to you and you would never know it.

    Meth is so powerful and addictive that the use of meth can cause fatal kidney disorders, fatal lung disorders, brain damage, liver damage, chronic depression, paranoia and a host of other physical and mental disorders. Studies have shown recently that meth is more dangerous to your brain than alcohol, heroin or cocaine. Children and young adults need to be aware of just how serious meth use is and what they can look forward to in their future if they choose to experiment with it. This isn't a drug that should only be talked about once to your children, drug abuse and meth addiction is much too serious for that. Unfortunately today it needs to become a normal topic of conversation among families.

    Meth Terminology

    Methamphetamine users are also referred to by other users as:

    • Base head
    • Battery bender
    • Cluckers and chicken headed clucks
    • Crack heads
    • Crackies
    • Crankster or cranker
    • Fienda
    • Fiends
    • Gacked
    • Geekers
    • Geekin
    • Geekin
    • Geeter
    • Jibby
    • Jibbhead
    • Shadow people
    • Spinsters
    • Tweakers
    • Tweekin
    • Wiggers

    Geeking in meth terms; meth users can stay awake for hours, during their high they are energized beyond belief. They are looking for something to do because of this drug induced energy and they will actually walk around a store for hours buying nothing. During this time, their energized behaviors aren't useful; they're intoxicated and can't rest or sit still.

    Crank Craters is a term referring to the sores on their face that's caused from meth abuse. One of the serious effects of meth use is literally feeling bugs crawling under their skin, this is imaginary but they are compulsively picking at their skin. This doesn't just happen to their face either; if you look at a chronic meth user you see sores and serious abrasions all over their body. For additional information about the physical effects associated with meth abuse check out our pages, Meth Health Risks, Changing Faces of Meth Abuse, and Meth Users.

    Tooter is referring to the straw meth users need when they're snorting the drug. Some also use rolled up paper or anything they can find that resembles a straw in order to snort (sniff) meth into their nose. Needles are used by people who inject meth; these needles are referred to as points, rigs, and slammers.

    Pepsi and Meth

    If you hear your child talking about wanting some pepsi don't always just assume they mean soda or caffeine as meth users having another meaning for the word pepsi.

    1. Pepsi means crank
    2. Pepsi One means Crystal Meth

    Detect Meth Use Early In Your Child

    There are specific signs that show up in a person even if it's their first time using meth. Not all people will show these signs after the first use but many do. These signs will eventually be noticeable and the earlier a parent seeks help for their child the better. Addiction can take place fast and once that happens, the child is in trouble. Other drugs of abuse can also show some of these signs so they may not be using meth.

    Some of these signs can include excessive euphoria, extreme and unusual happiness, loss of appetite, energized, physical activity is increased, anxiety, trembling hands, nervousness, continuous talking, rapid movement of the eyes, pupils become dilated and abnormal sweating that's unrelated to physical activity.

    Another serious effect that can happen due to the use of meth is that your body becomes overheated. This is very dangerous, your body temperature can become as high as 108 degrees and parents need to be aware of this because this meth effect can be fatal.

    I understand that this is extremely frightening for any parent if they find out their child is using drugs like meth or any other substance for that matter. Many parents go into their own form of denial at first. It's not easy accepting the fact that our child may be using drugs let alone addicted to them. Your gut tells you when there is something to worry about and you need to listen to it. If you suspect your child is using meth or any drug you have to intervene as early as possible.

    Seek help as soon as possible; contact a medical professional or call 1-800-559-9503 and an experienced counselor can advise you on what to do next.

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1 Response to Meth Facts For Parents

  • No1pusher

    August 6th, 2013

    These facts are really outdated and sound like they come from the media. Fact is, meth is everywhere. I know, I am a serious addict and have been for over 20 years. Everywhere I've been in this country, there was meth users. Seek true reliable information about meth and get into your child's life before they end up like me.

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