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    Dealing with Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

    How do u stop thinking about it? I've only been without 2days.all i do is cry, angry bursts, can't sleep at all. And chest hurts.

    What you're experiencing is very common, you didn't say how long you used meth but the cravings, emotions, angry outbursts and insomnia are common withdrawal symptoms. 2 days is awesome and you should be proud of yourself but this isn't something you should go through alone. I hope you have someone close to you that can help provide you with the positive support you need during this time.

    Chest discomfort is associated with meth use but you really need to be checked out by a physician to make sure everything is ok because this could be serious. Your other symptoms will get better over time, everyone is different and withdrawal symptoms vary in intensity and length of time depending on how long the drug is abused. If at all possible you really need to seek medical advice for your chest discomfort to be on the safe side.

    Don't forget medical help, support groups, self-help books for coping skills, counseling, therapy or substance abuse treatment options are available if it becomes too overwhelming on your own. Avoid anything or anyone that's associated with drug use too, this will only make things worse and lead to relapse. You didn't say how long you used meth which makes a big difference in the severity and length of time you may experience these symptoms. Everyone is different though and can be depressed, anxious, feel angry and have problems sleeping even if you didn't use the drug for a long period of time.

    Just know that you're doing the right thing for yourself because you're worth it. Take it slow one minute and one day at a time, keep positive support around when you can, try to eat right, walk (I promise it will help with stress, depression, and anger and possibly sleep) drink lots of water and fluids, and seek medical help if you need to. Good luck, you can do it!

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