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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Jan

    Don't Lose Hope

    Drowning in a whirlpool
    A world I chose
    So many more paths
    So many better choices
    But I chose this one
    Nothing good has come of it
    I know I have talent
    I know who I really am
    If I just dare
    To be the person I know I am
    I know I can change

    So young
    So honestly innocent
    Slowly growing older
    Slowly growing further
    I truly have changed
    Not for the better
    But I'm still the same person
    Deep down inside
    I hope that people will be able to see that
    No matter how many terrible things I do
    I'm still me
    Just a young girl
    Trapped in a crazy mixed up world
    I'm lost
    But one word
    And you'll find me

    Please, just try and you'll see
    I'm running away from you
    Don't let me
    Pull me back
    No matter how much I resist.

    Brittany Sear