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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Jan

    You Should Have Ran

    You're her man, you got to taste her but you should have ran. She's coming for you honey.
    Crystal knows you're her man, you've chosen her to replace your wife.
    She's the #1 woman now in your life; she's all sparkles and dressed in white.
    I see it in your eyes, she's your delight with her you'll stay busy and completely awake,
    Everyone but her seems so fake she'll get you high, an awesome buzz.

    Say goodbye to all that once was nothings the same as it use to be,
    Never again will you be free she gets all the glory.

    She gets all the hype like the genie in the bottle; she clouds out of her pipe,
    But with her you feel so alive, and oh wow the massive sex drive until all of a sudden,
    And why you don't know you don't want to fuck,
    You must check the window all the voices you hear,
    But no one is near they packed and ran scared to death,
    To get away from the man that went crazy on meth.

    S.Fine. Olathe, K.S. USA