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Meth Addict's Stories

  • Oct


    Something wrong my friend? I have the answer and my time I will lend. Tell me what troubles you, I care, Family and friends offer help how they dare. I will take you places you have never been, believe my lies that I will help, you say when! You will...

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  • Jan

    The Demon

    It takes the man away it holds to him tight It keeps him away for days and nights There's no way for him or me to fight the demon it has let him become If I could I'd take him and run It doesn't let him see or feel what his Meth does to me I've...

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  • Dec

    The Beginning of The End

    I knew as soon as she hit me, This was gonna be a ride that tops all. It was so intense I wasn't sure if I was alive, It was so good I knew that it had to be evil, I could taste the devil in the back of my throat. I tried to get everyone's...

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  • Apr

    Dealing with Tragedy by Using Meth

    Where exactly do I start to tell you my story? My name is Acacia and I have been a meth addict for 12 years. It started when I was 13 years old. My older sister introduced it to me but it didn't seem to be a problem back then, or so I thought. I would...

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  • Jan

    Best Friend, Wife and Mother Lost

    I've recently lost my best friend, and a family has lost their wife and mother. Not really sure that Meth is what killed them both but I know it had to played a big role. You see my friend was an addict just like myself, he was a functional addict...

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  • Jan

    Acceptance of Isolation

    Going thru the motion of yesterday today Addiction has a hunger creating debt you cannot pay There is no point in speaking because they don't hear what you say Still your reaching out for something that is too far away You don't know what it is but...

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Methamphetamine Headlines

  • Indiana Outranks Missouri in Meth Seizures

    April 7th

    Methamphetamine lab busts have been plentiful in Missouri for a number of years leading the nation in meth lab incidents but it appears they're no longer in the lead, they've been out-ranked by two other states. According to statistics from the Missouri...

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  • Effects of Meth Use Aren't Just Pleasurable

    March 17th

    Meth is so powerful that first time use can get a person hooked on the meth for life. Meth is a highly addictive synthetic stimulant and not only can dependence be developed very easily, it's one of the hardest drugs to stop using and one of the most...

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  • Dangers of Meth Use

    February 24th

    Meth is one of the most horrific drugs sold on the streets and it's not only highly addictive, users can overdose if they use an amount they're unable to tolerate. Drugs affect people differently and even a small amount of meth could possibly be a lethal...

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  • Mobile Meth Lab Explodes Inside Vehicle

    February 17th

    Meth is a powerful addictive stimulant and some people can get hooked on the drug relatively fast. More and more meth users and dealers are cutting out the middle man and manufacturing the drug themselves using the shake and bake process (one-pot method)...

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  • Crystal Meth Withdrawal

    January 27th

    Meth's side effects from extended use aren't so pleasant and appealing because the drug can make users delusional, paranoid and violent. Meth can also cause extreme weight loss, malnutrition, severe dental problems, anxiety, confusion, insomnia,...

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  • Using Meth for Weight Loss is a Mistake

    January 12th

    Methamphetamine sold on the streets has rapidly increased in use over the past several years throughout the U.S. Meth users come from all walks of life and many are battling the destructive effects of this addiction because it's so difficult to overcome.

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