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Methamphetamine Users Before and After Photos

The toll meth use takes on the user is unbelievable. In a few short months the changes in appearance are easily spotted no matter what age the meth user is, after a couple of years some meth users are unrecognizable. The longer meth is abused the more severe the effects become. Meth abuse doesn't just create euphoria; meth causes brain damage, mental problems, physical problems and devastating physical effects.

The meth user soon becomes so dependent and obsessed with the drug they don't sleep or eat. Many meth users become chronic habitual users, their physical health is affected immensely and their once youthful appearance becomes forever changed. Unfortunately you never think something like this can happen to you, but it can and it does. Looking at the pictures you will begin to understand that meth abuse takes your mind, your body, and your soul until all that's left is an empty sad shell of the person you once were.