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Clandestine Meth Labs

Clandestine labs are meth labs that are illegally operated by individuals producing methamphetamine for the purpose of selling the man-made drug and for their own personal use. These meth lab operations vary in size from small one-pot operations to large scale methamphetamine operations. There are various ways to manufacture meth and they are all equally dangerous. Meth labs no matter what size they are pose serious dangerous threats to everyone. Not only are the people who produce the meth in danger but surrounding neighbors as well as the whole community is at risk.

Small clandestine labs can be found in almost every state and even the small labs vary in size. These small labs can be easily set up in sinks, on countertops, tables, in the bed of a truck, or in the trunk of a car. As you see meth can be produced in soda bottles, so operating a meth lab can be done almost anywhere. Larger operations can be found in sheds, garages, basements, and abandoned buildings posing a threat to a vast amount of people. Law enforcement refers to these illegal labs as clandestine meth labs but they are more commonly known on the streets as 'mom and pop labs'.