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Methamphetamine Paraphernalia

People who abuse methamphetamines do so in a variety of ways. Meth is a highly abused stimulant drug and is used because the feelings they experience are so abnormally euphoric. Meth can be administered in several ways and the intensity of the effects and duration of the 'high' depend on the route of administered abuse. The items used when abusing meth are referred to as meth paraphernalia.

There are many items associated with methamphetamine use. Some people smoke meth, this form of meth is called crystal meth and is smoked through a glass pipe. Crystal meth is sometimes bluish in color and is in the shape of small crystals resembling slivers of glass. Meth can be injected also; hypodermic needles are used to administer meth into their vein. When meth is injected the drug is in powder form and mixed with a liquid. Some meth users prefer to snort methamphetamine and this form of meth is also a powder that's white in color. A straw or an object resembling a straw is used to sniff the drug through their nasal passages in order to get high. Meth also comes in pill form which is ingested.