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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

Methamphetamine affects every one's life differently and for the worst. Methamphetamines tear families apart by killing friends and loved ones, destroying addict's health or just by causing addicts to pull away from the people they love. Some individuals that are affected by meth express their feelings best through poems. We wanted to share some of these poems with you.

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    The Game

    Welcome to "the game", are you sure you want to play? There are rules that are firm, and rules that change every day. Something to remember before you start to play, You are a player to the end, it knows your face it knows your name! On your MARK! GET SET! GO! Now the game has begun...

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    The Curtain

    Sometimes I peek into the real world. I stand behind the closed curtain and quietly look out, Trying to see if the world is still the same since I last left it. Part of it is the same but there have been some changes since I was there. People have gotten older for one thing. And they're used to me not being in their lives anymore. Things have changed. They don't miss me anymore; they are used to me being gone. Sometimes while I'm looking out, I say, "Hey! Don't you see me? Don't you know me? I'm right here! Right behind this curtain! Hey!" They acknowledge me; after all they are friends and family. They would never hurt my feelings. So they nod a cordial "hello". A "hello" that says, "didn't I used to know you from somewhere?" I politely acknowledge their cordial "hello". Then, having paid my respects, I quietly step behind the curtain again and go back to the other world where I live. Shari...

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    Have you ever been stuck, between a hard place and a rock, it seems that life, isn't as easy as you thought. You don't know the truth, or who your real friends are, the way you used to feel, just seems too damn far. It's weird to be sober, you always used to be high, what you were telling yourself, was just one big lie. You can survive without it, you don't need those lies, because when you are sober, time really just flies. I'm a much better person, with my feet on the gorund, I like myself better, when in my mind I am sound. By B.F....

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    The Sweetest Dream

    She wrapped her arms around me, comforting, secure. Unaware, the motives that underplayed her care. I let myself be taken, engulfed in sweet relief For now, alone I was no more, not still consumed by grief. This lady, in her crystal gown, brought safety and content, And more and more she'd visit me, till thought never to relent. But that was fine, this constant thing, had much to offer me For I, but one, a single soul, in a crowded "lost soul sea". My one true friend, a crystal angel, welcome and sincere When life became too much to bear, my angel held me near. She helped me through my greatest pains, to see things i had not seen To understand, to learn, to grow, to dare to hope, to dream. But when I felt quite strong enough, to stand on my two feet alone, My angel changed from sweet serene, to something truly wrong. I hid myself far from the truth, convinced I was where I belonged, But each time that I'd try to run, I'd be caught by the siren's song. She'd offer me a place to rest, to forget my troubled life, Since I could not turn one place else, She always won that fight. And still she wins, each day once more, a cycle never through, So when she's done and I am dead, she will move on to you. Here before you, now I stand, weary, beaten, broken, I think back to that first deep breath, one I wish I'd never taken. It sent me down this road I walk, the one that does not veer, And though I scream and try to fight, there is no one to hear. Still yes, I know, as all will say, there is a chance to flee, But somehow I find comfort, in not having to be free. And so to the crystal demon, myself do I know give, A life that does, but just exist, forgotten how to live. No longer do I feel, no longer do I care, This that was the sweetest dream, nothing more than a nightmare. B.H....

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    Dope means pain; I got outfits, and no veins I can't get hi, off my own supply, I always have it BOMB. Crystal crank coke, whateva Brand new rigs, all tha fuckin shit, I get everybody hi Off an endless supply, then while they're off geekin I'm not fuckin tweakin, I'm just mutilating my fuckin shit Stabbin myself, but I dont bleed, shit makes me fuckin INSANE That crystal bitch won't stop yelling, in my fuckin mind So I scream out loud, I can't take it anymore, the violence, the rage I don't know what to do with it, so I give it back to myself Then I break all my shit, ruin everything, destruction is my only way out I don't want to give this shit to anyone else; because I know I would killem I'm killing myself Loca...

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    Rest at Last

    Mortality challenged by sanity. Through a taxicab window I stare at infinity, Trying to catch just a glimpse of humanity, Hanging on desperately to my last shred of dignity. I long to pass through my asylum's door I cry and I scream "What more? What more?" Seconds go by, minutes have died, hours long past I have rested at last. All through the asylum, peace now prevails The onslaught of insanity long since curtailed My soul is my asset it now becomes me, Not as before, it no longer numbs me. The cries and the screams are no longer heard, You silly boy. Don't you know the whole time you've been free as a bird? Joshua, New York, NY, USA...

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