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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

Methamphetamine affects every one's life differently and for the worst. Methamphetamines tear families apart by killing friends and loved ones, destroying addict's health or just by causing addicts to pull away from the people they love. Some individuals that are affected by meth express their feelings best through poems. We wanted to share some of these poems with you.

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    I Used to Be a Tweeker - Nancy

    I used to be a tweeker Just wanted to get high I used to be a tweeker Felt my brain cells fry I used to be a tweeker Thought that I was bad I used to be a tweeker Now I can barely add I used to be a tweeker Partied with my friends I used to be a tweeker The party always ends I used to be a tweeker Sell it? Sure, why not? I used to be a tweeker Its fun 'til you get caught I used to be a tweeker Mouth watered for a rail I used to be a tweeker Will spend the next 6 months In jail. Ninilicious, Los Angeles, California, USA...

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    I Used to Be In the Way

    I used to be a LOVE ADDICT. But drugs got in the way. I used to be a DRUG ADDICT. But love got in the way. I used to LOVE DRUGS. But being an addict got in the way. I used to be a DRUG ADDICT. But loving myself got in the way. A.M.P. Concord, California...

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    My Other Wish

    I used to have dreams, hopes and ambitions And now I can't help reminiscin About all those times when I had nightmares When those things just passed me by it wasn't fair I couldn't wait till I was 18 So that I could get out of my fucking house and live my dream One night they was fighting the same old routine I ran out of my house to my friend Jenean's (fake name) She was my best friend For the first time that night, everything was CRYSTAL clear My pain could be erased no more tears Just one first dose lasted a whole year For a whole year I got no sleep For a whole year my weight I couldn't keep For a whole year I lost my friends My grades at school were at a dead end I got kicked out of high school for beating someone up in rage I was only 15 years of age I never went back but I went forward to my grave I used to want to be a P.I. and minor in music But that's not the road I ended up choosin Recently my only ambition was to die But I WONT listen to that lie You've got to overcome your pain! Don't cover it up with something that just makes you worse in the end. I said to myself, don't be weak be brave! Fall in love, live life to the fullest, before you reach your grave! Brave Girl, New Jersey...

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    She's the god who hates me With the death she fates me But I love how she wakes me And it's my love that breaks me This evil demands me But she understands me My heart doesn't beat free Because she always defeats me With a rush that thrills me But a life that kills me Mike l...

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    Until Death Do Us Part

    You met me several years ago, I made you smile and laugh. Introduced by a good friend of yours, Who is now a part of your past. You swore and vowed you would never be mine, You promised it would never last. You told yourself, I could not steal your heart, But time will prove, Til Death Do Us Part! I've stolen from you all that you love, Your parents, your spouse and your child. But still you stand here by my side. Without question or denial. You believed I would bring you happiness, That you were unable to find. Good times, good friends and passionate love. Instead I messed with your mind. I promised to bring you the tools you lacked For fulfillment, success and self-worth. Instead I succeeded in making you, Tired, alone and hurt. (Spun, spent and burnt) While taking stock of all you have lost, You refuse to see I have lied. Instead once more you turn to me, Desiring my erotic tide. I ease myself inside of you, Like a groom enters his bride. After all of the time we have shared together, The many years we have had You have never called me by my name Alas, this makes me sad. You have been such a grand companion You've never let me down. Now it is time for you die My love, please do not frown! You can leave this earth peaceful in knowing For many you have set an example, Also know that because of this You have left for me the choice of victims So ample! Before I steal your last breath away And snuff out your shining light I have a few words that you must hear And I say them with great delight! My name is Addiction, Methamphetamine. The monster you were unable to fight. How quickly the time is drawing near For you to end and I to take flight One more thing I must say to you, To say my name is quite mild, When compared to this next bit of news, My next victim is your child! Really my dear you've no need to cry, You have known this deep in your heart. At least this time I did not lie For not - Until Death Do Us Part! D Jordan, Oroville, CA...

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    Forever Tweaking, Never Sleeping

    Never sleeping, I'm forever weakened. Never get caught slipping, cus I'm forever trippin. Through windows and walls, up a tree or under a car. they're coming to get me to put me behind bars. Throw away the key, so the dope can never see me. if u like it I love it, u can take it and shove it, cus I'm still me and that's just the way it's gonna be. I see you , you see me, i see you gettin tweaked in the oak tree. nine hrs. And you still can't come down, because you're scared you may fall off the ground. so get you some help before you're not around. Stop gettin tweaked and lookin like a freak, trying to sneak and catch a peak cus a peak is not there for you to see. just a chicken that forgot his beak. Don't feel bad we have chicken lips too, and them pop a vein in forehead poops!! Malnutrition as can be, hey i see you you see me!! I'm out of the oak tree and in rehab, ridin spinnas on my Lincoln, while you still ridin roads, and forever tweaking and sinking. wanna float a boat? And disappear into a cloud of smoke. With the devil holdin your hand, while I crank up my Johnson everude and ride the waves across the deep blue sea to my land. cus i'm through holding your hand, you can keep your bones in neva neva land. it may kill you but it can't eat you, even though you done spun, look at you you're a chicken with no head and done grew lips, infected and infested with dem jib bugs, scratcin at yo ass and u need to get a blast. So steal from yo mama and run over your granny. you need to crawl yo stankin ass under the bed, so them roaches can fall dead. Then you can clap yo hands and stomp yo feet and thank the lord your children finally got something to eat. It's not like you care but when you sent lil Susie to the bathroom (the third bucket on the right.) as the lil one fell in and drown, how you feel now you shot out clown??? Glasshouse01...

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