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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

Methamphetamine affects every one's life differently and for the worst. Methamphetamines tear families apart by killing friends and loved ones, destroying addict's health or just by causing addicts to pull away from the people they love. Some individuals that are affected by meth express their feelings best through poems. We wanted to share some of these poems with you.

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    My Struggle

    Every day is a struggle. Every day is a new win. Every day I beat her. Every day she runs away. Her name is Methamphetamine. Meth for short. I had left her. She wants me back. Every day I tell her no. Every day she tells me that she loves me so. She loves my pain. She loves my weakness. She loves to try and control me. I have beaten her. I have seen her abuse. I don't want her back. But she is a powerful mistress. One that only time can kill. Meth took my life. If you are using. It will take yours too. Keep away from her. If you want to live. M.W....

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    Leader of The Pack

    Don't blame me because I'm the most popular one in school. People meet me once and within a week their my tool. Everywhere I go I'm the envy of most the room. The rest are just jealous of all the attention I consume. Those who don't know me themselves, judge me pretty bad. Probably just because their boyfriends, consider me the best they'd ever had. I'm the one who is always there when you need me. If you're having a bad day, It's me your happy to see. I seem to be everyone's most reliable friend. Hang with me; I'll always be there till the end. Falling for me is inevitable for you I know. It happens all the time no matter where I go. You'll be head over heels for everything about me. But once you get to know me is where you'll start to see. There's more to me than meets the eye and once I'm in control. You'll see that when control was lost, it loosened up your soul. So now your mine until you finally break. Unfortunately for you, I'm not that easy to shake. I can strip you of your health and hunger, turn you into a creep. You won't even be able to remember when you last had some sleep. If you still don't know me, don't worry I'm right next door. My nicknames will probably ring a bell I'm sure I'm jib, burns, ice, bumps or speed. It only takes a day till you'll be feeling the need. Unfortunately many can only escape by death. If you didn't figure it out yet, my name is crystal meth. The strongest of minds weaken to my control. Even the truest hearts end up selling me their soul. C'mon my friend just gimme a try, don't you want to test your mind? Aren't you a little bit curious of what you're gonna find? T.H....

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    Drugs Part Two

    I look at my body, I've lost so much weight. I don't know, I've survived to this date. I should have been dead, or in my grave real soon. I smoked instead of eating, morning, evening, and noon. I was stupid, I know, to get involved with that crowd. But they seemed so cool, always trippin' real loud. Now that I'm in here, still half in a fog, my body can't shake this heavy sketchy smog. My hands are shakin', I have bad dreams, of buying my drugs, I'm craving it seems. I know it'll pass, but right now it's real tough, to get my mind of that skanky stuff.c By B.F....

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    Drugs Part One

    The drugs all take over, my mind, heart, and soul, smoking my Jib in a big crystal bowl. The pot in my pipe, the resin in my bong, isn't enough to keep me going for long. The Jib and the weed, get weaker each day, I start on the coke, it seems the right way. I love to be high, right fucked out of my mind I love to be sketchin' all the bloody time. You don't understand, until you give it a try, I'm gonna keep trippin' till the day I die. By B.F....

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    In your house and in your mind u tweek and jone's behind the blinds. U dwidddle and dwadddle away the night until at last u see the first light With that light the world awakes now you don't fell so out of place But very soon that clock will chime What did you do with all that time? Another day has come and gone and u do is sit and yawn maybe tonight you'll settle down and get some sleep with the rest of the town? But i doubt for i can tell you're on the jones headed straight for HELL D.E....

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    T'was the Night Before Rehab.

    T'was the night before rehab and all through my brain, Danced so many creatures like fear, hope and pain. To the top of the mountain, a place called "the farm." My training began-despite my alarm, My guard was up as I'd done this before And I prayed it would leave when I entered the door. "Have a treatment experience" J.D. had said. It was then I realized, I still had some dread. But my nerves settled down and my work than began On the numerous tasks found in my treatment plan. One of my first tasks was relating my story, Which then quickly led to a self-inventory. Anger, resentment, selfishness and fear Were a few of my defects that appeared crystal clear. Manipulation, pride, impatience and lust, Intolerance, dishonesty Change was a MUST! I listed my assets to gain perspective And realized once more, I was not all defective. Honesty, openness, the ability to care. Self-acceptance, commitment and hope-not despair. Patience and tolerance, the willingness to grow. An attitude of gratitude began now to show. Confronted with more insight, to now greater depths, I knew it was the right time to re-work The Steps. Powerless-unmanageable the nature of me Focused my thoughts back on step 2 and 3. Inventory, confession, readiness and prayer. Tackled my short comings and lessened their glare. Made amends to my family, to whom I'd done harm And a daily spot check it worked like a charm. Now I prayed for the knowledge of God's will for me, As I completely surrendered and then was set free. T'was the night before discharge and all through my brain No longer danced feelings like fear, dread and pain. I was leaving the mountain, a place called "the farm" An as I was told it had done me no harm. Some changes occurred as the result of my stay. The first one that stands out was my action of play. More faith and more trust, a stronger program to live, More ability to take and not just to give. Courage, humility gifts from God above Deeper serenity and a greater self-love. My time now has come to say my final good-bye One Day at a Time, I no longer live high! Anonymous...

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