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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

Methamphetamine affects every one's life differently and for the worst. Methamphetamines tear families apart by killing friends and loved ones, destroying addict's health or just by causing addicts to pull away from the people they love. Some individuals that are affected by meth express their feelings best through poems. We wanted to share some of these poems with you.

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    Something wrong my friend? I have the answer and my time I will lend. Tell me what troubles you, I care, Family and friends offer help how they dare. I will take you places you have never been, believe my lies that I will help, you say when! You will be invinceable, prideful and proud, once bitten, freedom not allowed. I will convince you all is alright, care not about time day or night. I will turn you from GOD, your dad and your mother, I am your new sister, your new brother. Your children will not remember one bit, cost you your soul, that is it. I need your dignity, your love from your heart I love you, please choose to start and I'll love you friend, til death do us part....

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    The Demon

    It takes the man away it holds to him tight It keeps him away for days and nights There's no way for him or me to fight the demon it has let him become If I could I'd take him and run It doesn't let him see or feel what his Meth does to me I've flushed it down the toliet, thrown it out the door, but he always goes back for more I can't take it anymore Its taken my dreams my love my life what more does it want? What more could the devil ask for? It took a great man, ruined a family, and keeps asking for more I've cried, and pleaded on my knees on the floor "Please stop this I can't take anymore!". My life was taken away by something I never touched I wish I could save him from it so much. By: D...

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    The Beginning of The End

    I knew as soon as she hit me, This was gonna be a ride that tops all. It was so intense I wasn't sure if I was alive, It was so good I knew that it had to be evil, I could taste the devil in the back of my throat. I tried to get everyone's attention I would scream but no one could hear me, People soon began to start to look right through me. This went on for what seemed like months, Reality it was the longest 48 hours of my life, Then I was put back on top this time I wasn't going down, Oh but we had such a love hate relationship but, I knew as soon as she hit me, It was the beginning of the end..... By: Sammy Jo...

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    Acceptance of Isolation

    Going thru the motion of yesterday today Addiction has a hunger creating debt you cannot pay There is no point in speaking because they don't hear what you say Still your reaching out for something that is too far away You don't know what it is but your positive it's there But you're getting to the point that you're not sure if you care You are standing all alone but can feel the eyes that stare Gazing deep into your soul and its more than you can bear Violation is a word that you know all too well But you keep your story hidden because there is no one you can tell There must be a reason that you're locked inside this tomb Struggling with the air that is stale with all your gloom Your wilted like a flower but yet you didn't bloom Acceptance of isolation how now become your doom...

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    Princess in White

    It seamed to be the thing to do, as everyone was too! I lit the bong and my problems were gone at least thats what I thought. That was the day, she krept into my life, the demon who controlled my will, my love, my stength, the fight. As if it was the first step in life, a mere stepping stone, from pot, to qualudes, to LSD, Coke and on and on. Then I met her, the crystal Lady, who had what I desired. I was in heaven when she was with me, nothing mattered, the kids the man, my life. She followed me around, and changed me every day, she turned me into and monster - in each and EVERY way. Oh, Crystal Meth, what a monster , but still I loved you so, until one horrible day - when CPS came along and took my kids away. here it was the very end, to her I bid farewell, I woke up and broke the rig that held a nasty spell. It took some time, I will not lie, I chose my kids, and kicked meth good-bye!! That was long long ago, and for that I am grateful, if I could help turn one life around - would make it all worth while. But though the years I have learned, you cannot help someone change with out their desire. So, I've been told to share my story, and pray it helps... Even if I can save one soul from the evil princess in white, I will thank the LORD - My life will have a meaning!!!...

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    The Death Chamber

    Death is Meths Ugly Cousin Locked in this chamber with your family and friends. Watching in horror your fate, the fate that you alone sealed. Plunging lethal misery into the arms of ALL.... Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Lover and Mate. Can you hear them. Pounding on the glass. Watching in horror your fate, the fate that you alone sealed. Look behind you fool and gaze upon the clock. Cause time is all you got, to set matters straight and break free of your self sealed fate. The fate that you alone sealed the day when you pierced the heart of the ones you love. Your arms strapped down as you await the ride, the ride to hell. No way to point the finger at the ones, the ones you can't hear pounding on that glass. The glass of this self sealed chamber The one full of fear. Looking up to God asking him how I got here. You notice a mirror. God replies "Look closley at the reflection. And see the man full of fear. All it takes is a speck of belief that only I can free you of the straps and bondage that you alone locked. The day you pierced your families heart. The day you pierced from within." I can't take this hurt.. I can't take this prison. "remember the pain of others" God speaks with a little belief and I shall loosen the straps in time, cause time is all you have. To set matters straight. With the ones you harmed. The day you sealed the deal...

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