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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • Feb

    Aggression and Meth Use

    My husband is turning into a different person from smoking meth. He says it's me. In the past five months he has become more and more aggressive towards me. What am I supposed to do?

    Your safety is what's most important; if you don't feel safe it's important that you find a place to go for your protection. Unfortunately people who use methamphetamines do have the potential for being aggressive and sometimes violent. This can happen even if the individual wasn't aggressive prior to using drugs like meth. As time goes on and a person continues using methamphetamines they can continue to become more aggressive. Without help for meth addiction the behavior will continue to get worse so you may have to stay with family or friends until he seeks help.

    The most important thing to understand and remember is that you're not at fault or responsible for anyone's use or dependency to any drug or substance abuse. It's very normal for anyone dependent on meth or any substance for that matter to blame others. Not only do they not see what their addiction is doing to themselves, but they don't see what it's doing to anyone else in their life.

    One thing you can do for yourself is find a Narcotics Anonymous Group in your area. It's important that you find healing and recovery yourself even if your husband isn't ready for treatment. Listening to others talk about their situations and what works for them in recovery will help you with yours. You have to find healing in your life because addiction brings the whole family down and destroys everyone. Fellowship groups like Alanon will help you to regain your sanity so you can heal through wisdom, education and support.

    Followup Question:
    How do I go about helping my brother to get clean from meth? He is very violent, is he going crazy?

    If your brother isn't ready to seek treatment for his meth dependency there is only one thing you can do for him. Professional Interventions have helped hundreds of people understand their need for treatment when they were in denial. Family and friends seek the help of experienced Interventionist who know what they're doing because this is a very delicate situation. It's not advisable to do this on your own without help especially if your brother gets violent. Professionals know how to handle aggressive people without the individual losing their cool or getting out of control.

    They not only can help your brother see his need for treatment but they will make sure the treatment he receives is specifically designed to meet his needs. Successful treatment for anyone suffering from addiction has to be specifically designed for the individual in order for recovery to be successful. You will find that the interventionist not only is there to help the user get treatment and find recovery, they are there for the family as well.

    No, your brother isn't crazy but he is very ill. Addiction destroys a person emotionally, physically and spiritually. Unfortunately the people in your brother's life can become ill also because they are emotionally affected by this illness also. In the meantime, Narcotics Anonymous is a place where you can find comfort, support and understanding. Everyone is there for the same reasons, they have someone in their life dependent on substances and it's affecting their life. You need help and support too, not just your brother. Good Luck.

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