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    Bad Breath

    I had been using heavy for about 5 months and then quit. However, my breath has become EXTREMELY offensive regardless of good dental hygiene. I no longer use on a regular basis and was clean for a good 4 months. Now, every month or so I'll pick up a bag. And when I smoke or do lines of it; it makes my breath absolutely horrible. NO gum or mints can cover it up enough for me to be comfortable around anyone. Also even if I only smoke a lil bit (1/10th of a gram) an hour or two later I have the "meth smell" coming out of my pores. I used to use much larger amounts of it and had no problem until all of a sudden it seemed. What can I do and what is causing the bad breath?

    According to research bad breath is one of the short term effects of methamphetamine use. Some people have continued to be affected by bad breath long after the abuse of meth has stopped. There is no cure for this that I can find. It's just one of the side effects associated with meth use. Meth abuse is extremely serious and it sounds like the negative effects are starting to show and take their toll. I have found nothing research wise that will alleviate bad breath that's caused from using methamphetamines. As far as the meth smell coming from your pores, as the toxin leave your body the smell of meth should too but this can take a long time for some people.

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