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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • Jan

    Harm Reduction

    There will always be controversy where harm reduction is concerned. Many people feel harm reduction enables the drug users. Possibly it does but we also know that it saves lives. Understandably no one should use drugs but we know many people are going to. Drug use not only harms those who use drugs but it affects others too. It's important that until drug users are ready to get the help and treatment they need, that they at least use precautions. Meth is a very dangerous illegal drug and there is absolutely NO safe way to use it.

    My boyfriend has started using crystal meth. He calls it 'tweek'. I have tried to talk him out of it but he has become irritable with me. I've seen and heard him talk about a 'gp' what is this? Are there any safer ways of using this drug?

    Again, there is absolutely NO safe way to use meth. No matter how a person uses meth it is dangerous and the effects will ruin your health and your life plain and simple. Your boyfriend is making a big mistake using crystal meth and he doesn't understand just how dangerous and addictive meth is. You though need to understand the majority of people who try meth eventually become addicted. Each and every time a person uses meth brain chemistry and brain functions are altered and sometimes these changes are irreversible. Also remember what goes up must come down. This means that the intense high your boyfriend is getting when he uses meth subsides and becomes a crash. Any meth user will tell you the crash is so bad you have to use again to feel better. The user becomes irritable and depressed when they crash; it's a vicious and dangerous cycle. Please don't try meth yourself and ruin your health and life. I pray your boyfriend stops now because I promise you it only gets worse.

    GP I'm guessing stands for gak pipe or glass pipe. These are pipes people use to smoke meth. Good luck to you and I hope your boyfriend stops before it's too late.

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