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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • Apr

    Mouth Sores

    I had smoked some meth last night and this morning I have really bad mouth sores. I also smoked cigs a lot last night. My tongue is really swollen and it feels like I have canker sores all over my mouth. It also looks like its white in some places, please help!

    Meth use causes your mouth to become dry which in return causes the mouth to become acidic because there's no moisture to keep the acid under control. Some of the chemicals meth consists of burns the tissues in the mouth and this causes these tissues to become seriously inflamed, ulcerated, and painful mouth sores.

    Meth users eventually get what's called meth mouth which consists of mouth burns, rotted and corroded teeth, gum disease and ulcerated tissue on the inside of your mouth and gums. Meth users also grind their teeth which causes healthy and weakened teeth to chip, crack and break.

    Between using meth and smoking a lot the night before I'm sure this is why you woke up with painful sores and a swollen tongue. I hope you stop using meth because this will only get worse, not better. I understand quitting isn't easy but what you're doing to your mouth is nothing compared to what meth does to your brain, organs, and emotional well-being.

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