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    Pregnancy and Meth Use

    I did meth for the first three months of my pregnancy. I am currently in treatment, but I am scared that the baby may have birth defects?

    According to a survey done, when a mother uses meth known as speed, ice, crank and crystal meth during her pregnancy, the baby was 3 times more likely to grow poorly before their birth. Full term meth affected babies were more likely to be born with low birth weight meaning less than 5 and a half pounds and their heads were much smaller than normal. Meth can also cause problems with the placenta. Meth use during pregnancy also affects the baby's brain, spinal cord, heart and kidneys.

    Babies have also been born with birth defects, heart defects, cleft lips or palate. Research is still being done because researchers can't be certain yet that meth for sure contributed to these defects.

    Congratulations for being in treatment and since you only used meth for a short time hopefully your baby will be ok. Work hard to recover from your meth addiction; you owe it to your beautiful baby when it gets here. Good Luck

    Followup Question:
    My friend used ice at 7 months pregnant. She was freaking out when she finally came down about what affects can this have on her baby? How can I make her see that she needs to tell her Dr. and get some help?

    Using meth during pregnancy is very serious for an unborn child. The baby goes through the same things the mother does when she's high on drugs as well as withdrawal symptoms. Meth use affects the baby's brain, spinal cord, heart and kidneys when exposed during pregnancy.

    Using meth in high doses elevates the baby's blood pressure and the baby could have a stroke or brain hemorrhage before it's born due to high levels of meth. Babies can also be born with club-foot or missing parts of their legs or arms. Methamphetamines are powerful and serious drugs so she should freak out and hopefully get help for her addiction. This is nothing to play with and this innocent unborn child doesn't deserve this. Your friend is making a choice using meth during her pregnancy, that unborn child doesn't have a choice and may suffer long term consequences because of it.

    By the time a child goes to school, children exposed to meth during pregnancy are much more likely to suffer from ADHD and have fits of rage and anger for no reason. Problems don't get better they usually get worse.

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