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  • Apr

    Safe Injection Practices

    I am an active user. I think there should be some kind of 'safe using' section for us users who use the needle, harm-reduction essentially, info about abscesses, where to hit, and where not to. I know it's not a meth specific topic but many of us use the point, and I feel it would fit well with the rest of the info. Can you help?

    You can get free needles at needle exchange programs.

    Never share needles and use a new one each time. Make sure your hands are clean and the spoon you're using is too. Before injecting make sure the area is cleaned with alcohol. Make sure the water you're using is sterile when mixing and always filter your hit. Use the smallest needle you can. Warm the vein intended for use. Avoid using a tourniquet. Rotate the veins used in order to recover previous injected vein. Injection is made into the blood flow. Never inject on the head, neck, groin, genitals, inside the wrist and avoid the legs. Always get vaccinated against Hepatitis B.

    Some people inject under the surface of their skin, this is very dangerous. This form of injection is called 'skin popping' and you risk different types of infections which turn into abscesses. Injecting into the muscle is also dangerous; this form of injection should be avoided.

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