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    Meth Lab Children Test Positive

    Meth Lab Children Test Positive

    In New Zealand methamphetamine is called 'P' and the illegal labs that produce or 'cook meth' are called P Labs. Research shows that children that are found in these illegal labs inhale the same toxic levels of meth that adults do. This was discovered when scientists at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research tested children's hair samples, the children were found in these illegal P Labs. The samples that were tested shockingly showed that almost 90% of the children tested positive for meth.

    A toxicologist who is a lead researcher said that 89% of the tests results were positive. The samples showed that the children were exposed to meth for longer periods of time than they had previously thought. Unbelievably they usually analyze around 6 months of hair growth and meth was detected in all of the hair.

    Dr. Tom Bassindale is the head researcher from the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR). Bassindale said that the highest level of meth he's seen is from a hair sample in a child. Because the children had similar levels of meth in the bodies as compared to adult meth users, the children might also experience some of the same damaging health effects like paranoia or insomnia. The children that were tested were from 2 months old up to 16 years of age.

    Testing with hair samples is done because blood and urine samples aren't able to detect meth in the system for very long. You can only detect methamphetamine for about 12 to 24 hours after exposure with blood and urine testing.

    It's so sad to think that these young children that have been exposed to meth because of being in P Labs, or what we refer to them as Meth Labs, tested positive and that they could also suffer many of the same health effects that are associated with methamphetamine use. Children that are found in these labs don't have a choice, their parents or families are the ones producing meth and selling it. Innocent children are being exposed to these chemicals and may suffer serious mental, emotional and physical health effects in the future.

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