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    Bath Salts - Meth Like High

    Bath Salts - Meth Like High

    Kids Getting High with Meth-Substitute 'Bath Salt'. People are continually looking for new ways to get high and manufacturers seem to come out with products substance users can abuse. These products are legal and easy to find but they're extremely dangerous when used for the purpose of getting high.

    Young people who are looking to get high from the use of drugs and other substances continually find new ways to get 'high'. K2 which is also known as K2 Spice is a synthetic alternative to marijuana that teens and young adults are using to get high.

    K2 is sold as herbal incense that's marketed with a label stating 'not for human consumption' and can be found in some smoke shops, gas stations, and various other places. K2 is also widely available throughout the internet.

    Smoking K2 is similar to smoking marijuana and is potentially dangerous when used. Many people have gotten sick from using this man-made form of pot; many have gone to emergency rooms due to the serious effects. Soon K2 or Spice as some people call it will be illegal. There is another product on the market that's causing major concern and it's easy to find. Bath Salts are being abused because when misused, the user receives a rush similar to a 'meth high'. When abused, this specific form of bath salts gives a meth-like high to the user and many people are using it for this purpose. Snorting this bath salt is responsible for a couple of deaths in the U.K..

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