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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

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    Michelle Questions Submitted The Week of April 11th, 2011

    Can meth kill you the first time? Why?

    Meth is a man-made product and is manufactured from from many different types of dangerous chemicals. So you never know what dangerous chemicals you may be putting in your body so yes meth can kill you the first time you use it. Meth has many health risks so check out our article on Methamphetamine Health Risks and Effects. Just remember this when you use meth your putting your life in some strangers hands and they can care less about you, your life of your health. They only thing they are concerned about is your money.

    I've been using crystal meth almost daily for 11 years. My ex husband died a couple months ago unexpectatly, and my little boy, who I had only seen a few hours a month monitered for the past 4 years, is now living with me. I NEED to stop this madness! After everything thats happened, I still can't stop using meth! Ive cut back on the amount I use, so I eat & sleep daily but I know this drug is literally killing me! I need to be healthy for me & especially, MY SON. I've completed 3 drug programs and still, I eventually go right back to using.

    Any advice you can give me & is there a cure for crystal meth addiction that I"m not aware of?

    Unfortunately there is no cure for crystal meth addiction. You're right though you need to get healthy for both you and your son. 11 years is a long time and most chronic meth users need Inpatient Treatment. Intense Outpatient Treatment is also an option but as hard as it is, when your treatment program is completed you are going to need a narcotic support group like NA or a crystal meth support group like CMA which is crystal meth anonymous.

    When a person stops using drugs they have to completely change their lifestyle which means staying away from triggers that cause a person to relapse. People, places and things have to change and be avoided. Many people have to move in order to stay away from areas and people that were in their life when they were using.

    You need to have positive people around you for support that don't use any substances at all. That's why these support groups are so beneficial. Everyone attending support group meetings are there for the same reasons, they WANT and need to stay clean and helping others strengthens their own recovery.

    It's understandable that you can't stop on your own most people can't, but you have proved to yourself that you can stop with help, you did 3 times. Don't stop seeking support when the drug program is completed, find a support group that you're comfortable with and go to as many meetings as possible. Some people need to go daily which is what you may need for a while. Stay away from friends, drug contacts, places and anything else that's associated drugs or getting high. REMEMBER your son needs you more than ever now and YOU CAN DO THIS for yourself and your son. Never Ever give up trying and seeking help. Let us know how you're doing and think positive, you can do it this time?.and you will.

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