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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Nov

    An Absurd Reality That Blurs Reality

    All too well known this art of twirling
    The perfected pipe curling creating circular smoke swirling
    Conforming each thought to tempt more to be bought
    Surreal endless fun, finding escape concealed for everyone
    Never as close as the next dose, double its last
    Delivering several days passed, while memory is blurred
    Barely heard through muffled and mumbled words
    Next to weary glares, the overstayed welcome of gazing stares
    Began as just once, now its wants, seem daily similar
    A routine high has become so familiar, frantic acting
    Upon a sense of sanity lacking, leaving less traces
    Of the countless entries taken into these races
    Realizing there does exist a finish just let the bag diminish
    If it disappears your oh so near, a visible end is oh so clear
    This sort of clarity seems lately a rarity, rarely obtained
    But shortly sustained, focus reserved for this habit to be maintained
    Dope and song alike each is refrained
    Repeating a corrupted chorus, "dope is for us and dope we must score us"
    Willpower wasn't always so porous, permeable holes penetrating souls
    Like clockwork with each pipe roll, we pay unforeseen tolls
    Stealing mind and spirit, the right choice you can no longer hear it
    All has been muted, masking logical reason to be disputed
    Disabling normality to even be included, now are belittled lives
    Follow paths shaped by the circles under our eyes
    Enveloping our emotions, endless enough to fill oceans
    If only they were released, retaliating to rise above the beast
    Yearning to reach the surface, but only washed upon a circus
    Clowns looking to sell candy rocks their only purpose
    And hope follows the tide sinking further past worthless

    Real truth may allude those wrote it, yet unlike writings,
    Real life cannot be sugar-coated.


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