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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Mar

    Escape from The Fairy Tale

    I see your busy fingers and the sadness in your eyes,
    I hear you promise quitting, and stay right by your side.
    But I know it's like the forest with flowers that never die,
    A Cinderella story, a fairy tale book lie.

    Where the sun is always shining just a little bit too bright
    Where Mamas and their babies never, ever have a fight.
    Where Meth is non-existent and the smiles are for real,
    And a magic man to fix you so that all your wounds will heal.
    Where they tell their loving families that everything is fine,
    Where tweaking's not reality, and meth is not the shrine.
    Where families are important, and love is always there,
    And happiness, like barbeque, wafts upon the air.

    But when you spend your life in pain, weary and depressed,
    The Crystal Meth feels magical -- you decide you need the best.
    So you start to run it up a vein and then forget to pray,
    You strive and sweat to stay on top and it's another day.

    Your children have been taken; too late to look at bugs,
    Too late for chocolate kisses and those sweet breathtaking hugs.
    Their sad eyes tell the story of the toll that it's now taking,
    The price you paid - addiction - in a prison of your own making.

    Your wide-eyed life is stagnant, the Crystal plays with you,
    When family calls, you'll just explain you've too much work to do.
    The sores and aches aren't problems, they go away with Meth
    The introduction graduates, you now shake hands with death.

    The paranoia spirals, the fairy tale goes on,
    You realize one lonely day you've forgotten muse and song.
    Your new friends will not love you for what's true, and good and right
    But for the way the Crystal makes you sparkle in the night.

    You'll be lying in your bed one night, and won't know what to do...
    And you'll realize - but not too late - the fairy tale is on you.
    You'll think (sadly) in the darkness of the price you had to pay,
    And I think I'll hear you softly cry and whisper as you say,

    "Oh, I need to know the life, the love without the pain,
    I can't get to the rainbow without being drenched in rain,
    I'm taking my first step now, I'm reaching out my hand,
    The fairy tale is over and I'm hanging by a strand."

    By Velvet

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