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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Feb

    Remember Me, Your Best friend Meth!

    Hello everyone my names Tina or jib, glass, crank, ice, or meth.
    I am your very best friend, promise we'll be best friends till death.
    We will chill every day and stay up together at night.
    We will be together always and never have a fight.
    Cuz I'll be here when *beep* goes down. I'll always be here for you.
    Are you believing all this? Good, that's what I want you to do.
    Gain all your trust, be dependent on me,
    And when you're tired of Tina, I won't ever let you be.
    Your head will never be clear; your heart will be ice.
    You won't ever be the same; you won't love or be nice.
    You are now my victim. I'm so glad you couldn't see.
    There is only one way out, and your life is my fee.
    I know you loved me. How could I lie?
    But I didn't Dear Friend. I told you I'd be here till you die.
    So you're laying on your deathbed. Smoking your meth,
    Cursing my name, cause I'm bring you death.
    Nobody will come to your funeral. Nobody cares.
    People tried to help you, but now nobody dares.
    You beat up your mom, stole from your dad.
    Your life is all mine now, isn't it sad?
    You killed your wife, and unborn kid,
    Initially you killed yourself that is exactly what you did.
    I seduced you with my sparkles, and kept you with addicted,
    Every word was lies, it was all fiction.
    I don't love you at all. I want to see you die.
    Your life is but one of the many who cry.
    You're not special to me, not in any way,
    You're so doped up that in your own bed you can't lay.
    Soon they'll come and repo your beep, but you'll still have me,
    You know what I've done here? You still don't see?
    I know you love me but I need to leave you alone,
    I left you penniless not even a phone.
    I'll leave you be for a while, you'll come running back,
    They always do, just trying to score a 20 sack.
    And then I'll be with you, your best friend once more,
    Your heart hurts, and your body's sore.
    Until one day I take your veins, you take the needle and push it in,
    I know your Christian and this is a sin.
    I'll run through your veins with such a wild pace,
    I'll smile and laugh all in your face.
    Your mine all mine. I'll be with you till death.
    Remember my name; I'm your best friend, Meth.
    Your bodies racing and your head feels high,
    You feel the greatest rush and then you die.
    Your heart explodes all in your chest,
    You were so good; you were one of my best!
    When you die, it's not heaven you see.
    Its burning flames of hell and of course, ME!
    I forgot to tell you, remember me; I was the thing you was datin
    Besides meth and Tina, my names also Satan!


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