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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Feb

    The Addicts Way

    Here we sit another fucked up day. Just a day in the life, living an addicts' way.
    Our minds are spinning, round and round. As we watch our lives, come crashing down.
    We used to know wrong, from right. Now we're snow-blind and can't see the light.
    All I know is, we'd better get our heads out of our ass.
    Before fate takes over, and our dreams come to pass!
    Just wishing for some time, to dance another dance: As God looks at us and says:
    "Man you had your chance!" Please slow down and smell the flowers,
    You waste such precious time, so many hours.
    Life doesn't have to go by so fast. God meant for us to make memories that last.
    Just stop for a moment and look around. Listen to the music, and hear the sound.
    Feel the wind, the gentle breeze. Just slow down and live life with ease.
    It will make your soul start to soar. Only for you to want some more.
    This is now your greatest self-affliction. Wow you've found your NEW ADDICTION!

    Chanen T.

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