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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Mar

    The Devil is Out to Get Me

    The devil's out to get me
    He puts obstacles in my way
    He adds feet to the highest mountains,
    Tries to turn around things I say.
    He doesn't like my new way of living
    Drug free and respect for life,
    He misses everything to him I was giving,
    And my attitude that cut like a knife!
    He doesn't like my new crowd of people,
    Or the meetings I attend.
    It's my life that's turned around threefold,
    And I'm working on amends.
    He gets mad when I don't give into temptation,
    Especially when I am feeling real low,
    I refuse without explanation,
    Today I can just say NO!
    You don't get it do you Satan,
    I'm not a slave to you no more!
    I'm not giving and you're not taking!
    Because now, GOD answers my door!


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