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    A Synthetic Drug Known as Sisa Wreaking Havoc on Lives in Athens

    A Synthetic Drug Known as Sisa Wreaking Havoc on Lives in Athens

    New synthetic drugs are continuously being developed by drug dealers and even though many of them may start out being produced and used in other parts of the world, they usually end up coming into the United States eventually. Then it's just a matter of time before many curious teens and young adult lives end up being destroyed like they have from drugs like synthetic marijuana, bath salts, crystal meth and other illegal substances.

    A new dangerous synthetic drug that may soon threaten the lives of our youth and young adults in the United States is called Sisa which is a stimulant drug that's already destroying lives in Greece. Sisa consists of highly toxic poisonous chemicals and the synthetic drug is easily manufactured in basement labs according to PRWeb.

    Sisa is thought of "as the poor man's cocaine" and is a very big problem of concern in cities like Athens, especially among those that are homeless and sadly the destructive and highly addictive drug is just wreaking havoc on their lives.

    Sisa is cheaply produced, inexpensive on the streets, extremely addictive, and potentially deadly and the side effects are unbelievably horrible. Sisa produces a cheap high but can also produce horrendous effects such as insomnia, aggression, delusions, anxiety, heart palpitations, heart attacks, and anorexia according to

    Somewhat like crystal meth, sisa is easily produced in what we call clandestine labs and consists of very toxic dangerous chemicals that are deadly and is highly addictive. Sisa can be smoked, snorted or injected and unfortunately this destructive and potentially deadly synthetic drug could end up on our streets in the U.S. someday.

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