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    Crystal Meth Withdrawal

    Crystal Meth Withdrawal

    Crystal meth is highly addictive and if a person gets hooked on the drug it can end up tearing their whole life apart. Meth can produce an intense high so it's really easy for some people to become addicted to it relatively fast. Once a person becomes dependent on meth they'll likely do whatever it takes to obtain more of the drug because they're unable to function without it.

    Side Effects of Crystal Meth

    Meth's side effects from extended use aren't so pleasant and appealing because the drug can make users delusional, paranoid and violent. Meth can also cause extreme weight loss, malnutrition, severe dental problems, anxiety, confusion, insomnia, hallucinations and mood disturbances. Psychotic symptoms caused from chronic meth use can possibly last long after a person stops abusing the drug because of the serious impact methamphetamine has on the brain.

    Methamphetamine Withdrawal Symptoms

    Many different factors come into play with it comes to withdrawal from meth addiction so everyone's experience is somewhat unique. The level of meth use and addiction as well as a person's mental and physical state of health has a lot to do with the severity and length of time withdrawal may last. Symptoms from meth withdrawal can be very uncomfortable and sometimes severe and may include:

    1. Irritability
    2. Depression
    3. Fearfulness
    4. Loss of energy
    5. Strong cravings
    6. Shakiness
    7. Nausea
    8. Palpitations
    9. Sweating
    10. Hyperventilation
    11. Increased appetite

    Unfortunately any form of meth addiction is very powerful and as time goes on, the drug can end up controlling the user's whole life robbing them of their emotional and physical health, their relationships and their freedom. Meth addiction is powerful but it's also treatable and with the right help and support, a person can obtain the knowledge and skills they need to achieve long term recovery.

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