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    Michigan Farmers Get Heads-Up about Meth Dumps

    Michigan Farmers Get Heads-Up about Meth Dumps

    This time of the year the farmers in Michigan start cleaning up their fields and the areas near the sides of the roads. Because of illegal meth production it's important that Michigan farmers take precautions due to meth hazardous debris. When meth is illegally produced the meth cookers look for secluded areas to set their labs up to make their meth and they leave behind very toxic and contaminated materials and chemicals.

    This is very dangerous to anyone who comes into contact with any of the potentially explosive toxic chemicals or equipment that's been used in the production of methamphetamines. If a person is accidentally exposed to any of the materials or chemicals it can cause serious health problems. If an individual comes in contact with these chemicals they can cause serious burns, irritations to the eyes and skin, nausea, damage to your nerves and cause your lungs to collapse. Not to mention what it does to the environment, these chemicals contaminate the soil and water.

    There is a new way of cooking meth today which is actually more dangerous, an illegal meth lab operation use to consist of glassware, containers for mixing chemicals and a heat source. Now meth cookers are using a one pot method for producing methamphetamines. The individual cooking the illegal meth is putting him or herself in a lot more danger with a one pot meth operation. The one pot method requires plastic 2 liter soda bottles and the chemicals that are used are explosive, mixing the toxic substances can easily blow up.

    The remnants of a one pot methamphetamine method can easily be discarded on the side of the road and it's very dangerous for anyone coming into contact with the meth debris. People look for secluded areas to make their illegal meth and they leave their toxic waste behind. When meth material and chemicals are left it's referred to as a meth dump site. It's important that the items aren't touched and that you call 911 or contact your closest law enforcement agency. Stay as far away as possible. Some of the items used for cooking meth are listed below.

    1. Methanol (Heet)
    2. Acetone
    3. Propane tanks that have discolored blue valves, sometimes the valves are home-made.
    4. Packages that contained cold or allergy medications
    5. Lithium batteries
    6. Camp stove fuel
    7. Cookware that's stained and sometimes crushed
    8. Sodium hydroxide (Red Devil Lye)
    9. Coffee filters that have reddish colored stains on them
    10. Ether cans
    11. Toluene
    12. Plastic hoses
    13. Plastic containers with rubber tubing
    14. Glassware
    15. Ammonium nitrate or sulfate (tree or plant food spikes)

    Not everyone uses the one pot methamphetamine method when producing meth. Some operations are quite large and others can be operated in the trunk of a car. It doesn't matter what size meth operation is used when cooking meth, the paraphernalia that's used is toxic and dangerous and dumped usually in secluded areas. Farmers are to be aware of any strong odors of chemicals or chemical spills anywhere near their farms and contact authorities if they come across anything suspicious. If a person accidentally comes across chemicals in a bottle that's lying on the side of the road or in a field, picking them up or kicking them with their foot can activate the chemicals and cause them to react and explode. Farmers need to be cautious and call authorities if they run across anything suspicious on or near their property.

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