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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

Do you have questions about Methamphetamine addiction and recovery? Go ahead and submit your question or review discussions and answers below for questions asked by others.

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    Symptoms of Meth Use

    Question: I noticed that my friend's son's behavior, looks, etc. seem like he is using Crystal Meth. My friend doesn't believe me, she understands that there is a problem, but he keeps telling her he is off drugs. What can I do?...

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    Question: What is the cause of swelling feet and ankles? Why does this happen? What does this led to? Can I get help or medication? Will it eventually go away? Why does it stop for a period of time then all of a sudden flare up again?...

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    Stopping Cravings

    Question: I previously used meth for 5 years. In the last 3 years, I have only used three times. However, I still experience quite intense cravings regularly. Is there any medication specifically suited to help the recovery of meth users?...

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    Staying Clean

    Question: After looking over this site and many other meth related sites I have a question about my fiances past use of meth and potential relapse. He is now on home detention and has been since January of 03. He is working hard to build a non user future for himself and claims no desire to use again. I didn't know him when he was using, but i've fallen in love with the man who is straight. I am well versed in 12 step recovery as my x husband was an alcoholic and I am into Al-Anon. He says I inspire him to be a better man, my life style of no drugs no alcohol appeals to him as he seems to be genuinly sincere about major life style changes. He has cut ties with all his old friends, pulled himself out of the life if you will. This addiction seems to mirror my x's addiction but I need a few questions answered. My questions are as follows....

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    Sperm Count

    Question:Thank you for being accessible. Our son is in his second treatment for meth use. He is to be released shortly. His girl friend, and the mother of his second child, states she does not need to use birth control because she heard meth users have a very low sperm count. How does meth use affect a man's sperm count and the health of his sperm?...

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    Can I Kick The Meth Habit?

    Question:I have been on meth for several years and would like to get off of it as my family are very supportive and know and want me to get back to my good health. I feel that way, too, but can I kick this habit?...

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