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Research is a continuous ongoing necessity when it comes to understanding drugs, addiction and treatment. Intensive studies are necessary in order to find solutions to problems caused from substance use and drug addiction. Through exhaustive research progress is being made all the time finding successful treatments for illness, disease and addiction.

We can only hope that someday methamphetamine use and addiction will be a thing of the past but until that time comes studies and research will pave the way for successful addiction treatment and long term recovery. Meth is a powerfully addictive drug and someday through research there will be a medication that's successful in treating crystal meth addiction.

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    Tacos and Unusual Side Items

    Tacos and Unusual Side Items Drug dealers are always looking for inconspicuous ways to conceal their drug operation while selling their illicit products but they're not always as clever as they think they are. A taco food truck in Olivehurst, California offered more on their menu than just tacos....

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    Why Addict's Relapse After Meth Addiction Treatment

    Why Addict's Relapse After Meth Addiction Treatment Methamphetamine addiction is very difficult to treat and unfortunately not everyone receives treatment before their dependency becomes chronic. It's not uncommon for people to return to meth use later on even if they have received residential or outpatient treatment for their addiction. Some people try to stop on their own or enter a detox facility and think that's all they need to overcome their meth addiction only to relapse eventually....

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    Crystal Meth Program of Recovery

    Crystal Meth Program of Recovery Crystal meth isn't an easy drug to recover from when a person has been using the drug for an extended period of time. Because crystal meth is so addictive many people become dependent on the drug extremely fast, some people have even said after their first or second use they felt they were hooked. People start out using methamphetamines for various reasons, some people just want to see what it's like, some because they want to lose weight and others are looking for a stronger stimulant that induces a more powerful intense high....

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    The Misuse of Adderall Has Increased Among Women but Not for Treating Symptoms of ADHD

    The Misuse of Adderall Has Increased Among Women but Not for Treating Symptoms of ADHD Adderall is a central nervous system stimulant drug that's prescribed for treating symptoms associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or better known as ADHD. That's not the only reason people are taking Adderall today, some people are abusing this stimulant drug for reasons that have nothing to do with ADHD symptoms....

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    Busting Portable Meth Labs are Keeping Law Enforcement Busy

    Busting Portable Meth Labs are Keeping Law Enforcement Busy Methamphetamine abuse is becoming very dangerous for innocent adults and children. It's extremely sad but when a person becomes addicted to a powerful substance like meth, they become tremendously desperate when they're in need of the drug. Addiction strips away a person's dignity and they no longer care about themselves or the world around them....

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    Bath Salts Abuse Possibly Linked to Cannibalistic Attack

    Bath Salts Abuse Possibly Linked to Cannibalistic Attack Not so long ago 'bath salts' became popular among many substance users who abused the designer drug to 'get high'. Many people have ended up in the emergency room because of their use of bath salts and poison control centers have received an enormous amount of calls related to the use of this dangerous substance. Unfortunately people have also died due to their abuse of bath salts and sadly some have even taken their own life because of psychotic episodes they experience when they're high....

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